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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lovely New Silks at BabyPockets

BabyPockets has new slings!

Lovely new silks shimmer from every corner of the shop and many more are now on the way. I love the deep chocolate color the Cacao Silk Sling, and the Antique Rose
Silk Ring Sling above is my personal favorite.

All of my slings sport my own special comfort pleating for an unbelievable fit and of course the unique embroidery above the rings which has become BabyPockets signature feature. Come and check out our new slings while they last!

Dawn at


Steph said...

I can't get over the picture of the papa with the rose sling. It should be on a magazine cover. I love it!
Most men balk at the idea of wearing pink, but I have to say the Daddy in this pic looks extremely masculine. The slings look gorgeous, too!

BabyPockets said...

I had to show your comment to my hubby (he's the daddy in the picture). He puffed himself up for a minute like he was super-man (fists on the hips and everything, I could almost see the cape!) before breaking out in a goofy grin and flopping back down on the carpet to play with the kids. It was very cute.