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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Natural Beginnings

Hello fellow mamas,
I found mothering.com when I was pregnant with my daughter who is now almost 3 years old. Wow, is she really almost 3? Sometimes I think i am still a newly pregnant woman...then i look around and see that i have two babes now! My second daughter was born almost 6 months ago. They were both born at home and are nursing fiends. I have mothering's discussion boards to thank for many friendships and much wisdom. I am often inspired by the other families i meet on there.

this pendant is from bali where i worked with robin lim, cpm at the birth center she opened. this is the birth center's mascot as well as an ancient birthing mama, sheila na goreng. the red coral was to fight off post partum hemmorage.
a local mama hand makes these gorgeous pendants. i just string 'em.
so much green and a little fertility wish in the middle of it all.
nice and thick with subtle reds between.
the pendant is made by a local nc mama. i really liked the purple and gold against it.

I found etsy some time ago but just decided to take the plunge into showing my work over the last 8 months or so. I have done my first two shows and have one coming up this weekend! I work as a doula and as a midwife's assistant. I really like creating birthy-themed works. Mainly, I am into making necklaces right now. I also made some note cards from pictures that I took while doing international birth work last year. I haven't gotten these posted on etsy, yet though!

Thanks for looking!

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