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Monday, January 28, 2008

Something for Moms, Babes and Children

Hi all,
I'm Angeline, a Canadian Mama of 3 wonderful children. Apart from being a mostly stay at home Mom, I'm also a student (which explains my etsy store name because all proceeds help fund my education). I've always loved making crafts, it allows me to fulfill the creative side of me. I also love natural products and try my best to reduce the amount of garbage our household produces.

I love Waldorf style dolls for their simplicity, timelessness, natural fibres and plain old cuteness! I try use the best materials I can find. I sew the dolls and their clothes in a corner of our family room, amidst a sea of toys and laughing children. I'm pretty sure the dolls I make absorb some of this happy karma! I am in awe of the fact that despite the distinct Waldorf doll style, every doll is different and varies from Mama to Mama.

I also sew cotton pantiliners. As an alternative to disposable liners, these are soft, washable, breathable and even more comfy. They close with a polyresin snap (no more hairs stuck in the adhesive!) I make them out of 3 layers of flannel in white, black and various prints.

I used to hand print T-shirts and diaper shirts. My sister and I used to sell our wares at summer festivals around Ontario. Although, I don't do it so often anymore, I have some stock left and so up it goes on etsy! The diaper shirts are Made in the USA American Apparel.

I am honoured to be a part of such wonderfully creative and inspiring Mamas.

You can visit my shop at:

Modern Cloth Diapering

What? Does anyone use those any more? Of course! And now they're better than ever. They come in easy to use all-in-ones, prefolds, and fitteds, and covers come with elastic, velcro, and snaps!

I think they're easier to use than disposables; we don't have trash pickup, and you can bet that I don't want to be hauling buckets of dirty diapers all the way to the dump myself each week! Not to mention the cost of having to buy the sposie diapers, and that to get them for any kind of decent price I'd have to drive all the way to the city- about 100 miles round trip! Of course, you can cloth diaper expensively or inexpensively. We chose to do it the cheap-o way, I got second hand wool covers that were in excellent condition from a friend for $35, and then about 40 CPFs and 3 PUL covers in each size. Then I made some all-in-ones that are so easy to use, and we're set.

What's so great about cloth? They are reusable! They are cost-effective! They are comfortable! They are cute! They help with potty training!

A 14-dollar all-in-one cloth diaper will last through many many uses. Just in the past 2 months I have used one of our AIOs every other day (it's our favorite! like this cloth diaper at my store). That's 30 uses just in the past 2 months, $16/30=.53 a use. It is still showing no sign of wear and fits well. I am confident that we will be using it for at least another 6 to 9 months, for a total of 120 to 165 more uses, bringing the cost down to as low as 8 CENTS a use. These things are durable!

They are so soft against your baby's skin, I like mine to be as comfortable as I can make her, and I do not think I would be comfortable wearing Huggies paper around on my bum all day, especially with the chemicals in them. Personally, I am nervous about the chemicals in disposable diapers, so we have never used them, and if we were to, we'd use Tushies.

They are cute!

They help with potty training! Baby immediately is aware of when they are wet. It can be talked up, 'oh, let's go get you a nice dry diaper now', which is making the connection in their little mind even when they are tiny. I notice that my daughter does *not* go potty while I am holding her without squirming around a lot (she's 9 months old). She, regardless of what Dr. Spock might think, is aware of her movements, and does not wish to soil her momma. We have dabbled in Elimination Communication off and on, and though we haven't been 'hardcore' about EC (elimination communication) I think that cloth diapers will help lead her to earlier potty training.

They are respectful. They treat the child's bodily waste as something to be cleaned, not something nasty to be thrown away. I find that my attitude has changed about diapers. Instead of being something that I must do as a parent, a drudgery, they are a loving act that I do for the child. I prepare her pants for her and assist her to grow up independently and use the potty herself.

Well, you say, that all sounds good. But washing diapers is just gross! Here's how we wash ours. It's fairly simple. If you use paper liners, it is even simpler.

Pee diapers: Go in a wet bag (A waterproof lined fabric bag, or grocery store sacks work also) that hangs on a hook in the bathroom. The whole wet bag gets dumped in the washer. You can do this by simply pushing the diapers out from the bottom, turning the bag inside out, and you never have to even touch them ;) I wash every other day, but it's fine to go twice a week or so if you have enough diapers.

Poo diapers: If it's the yellow breastfed poo, just stick the diaper in the wet bag, no rinsing required. Until the child starts solids, the poo is eaisly washed away without any pretreatment. If it's a formed BM from a child who isn't solely breastfed, just plop it in the toilet. Put the diaper in the wetbag.

Covers: Wash with your clothes. I've found that's the best way to wash waterproof covers and keep the plastic part of them from absorbing stink, though I do toss them in with the diapers from time to time.

Wash: Pre-rinse on cold in the machine, then wash on hot/cold. We have hard water so I use the regular amount of detergent. If your water is soft, use half the amount.

Dry: I hang to dry in the summer, but I toss my AIOs and waterproof covers in the dryer once a week so they can restore their waterproofness. In the winter I just toss everything in the dryer and dry for 1-1/2 cycles.

Troubleshooting: If your diapers are stinky, then you need to do something a little extra in your washing routine. It generally is related to what's in your water. You can try adding half a cup of vinegar to the wash, a couple tablespoons of baking soda, washing on hot/hot (if your washer doesn't allow this, wash on warm/warm but turn the cold water off as it comes into your washer), or add a tablespoon of dish washing detergent to the load. Most of the time nothing extra is required, though, so if they're coming out clean, don't worry about it!

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section. I'd be happy to answer!

Visit Georganne's store for cloth diapers as well!

Friday, January 25, 2008

the little nest

Hi! My name is Emilie and I'm the woman behind the little nest Etsy shop. On MDC I'm PNWmama. I live on the Oregon coast with my husband and my busy body 16 month-old son. Before I became a mother I was a wildlife biologist, but now I stay at home with my son and couldn't imagine it any other way :).

The main emphasis of my shop is Waldorf inspired dolls, but I also occasionally list needlefelted figures and clothing items for children. I'm passionate about all things natural so crafting in the Waldorf tradition is an easy extension of my lifestyle. I started handcrafting Waldorf dolls and toys for my son because I wanted something better for him than the made in China toys offered everywhere else. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share the love and open up an Etsy shop!

My shop is a little bare right now (it's difficult to get anything done with a toddler), but I plan on having a big update on Monday!

Currently in my shop I have Waldorf inspired natural wood teething rings that can be customized for you. They are a great alternative to plastic teethers!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Good Clean Fun

Hi all, I'm Sher, my shop is Savonara Handmade Soap. I made my first batch of soap back in '96 when grocery stores still had a tallow bin and would give you a beautiful creamy white chunk of good tallow for free. I stirred my first batch by hand and poured into a shoebox... when I turned out a 12lb chunk of smooth white soap, that was it - the soaping bug had taken hold.

Although I have dabbled in other hobbies along the way, nothing has nourished my creative instinct like making soap. I've branched out into making a variety of types of soap; based on two of my own recipes: one for a vegan soap and one for a mild tallow soap. I also utilize the versatility of melt & pour soap occasionally for embellishments and effects. I hope you enjoy seeing and using my bars. And don't say they are too pretty to use - use 'em up, I'm making more! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lil Bees / Brightonwoman

Hi, I'm Jenni Brighton aka Momma Bee to a bunch of little Bees (yeah, I know, corney to make a pun off my last initial, right? But it was my last initial of my maiden name as well, and my nickname in my teens was Jennibee...one thing led to another...)
I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of pictures at the moment...I'm working on building some more stock right now! My baby was born a year ago, then just as life was calming down we moved 2000 miles to rural Alaska, and I am still catching up with life, LOL!
At LilBees I offer a variety of baby items--snuggly blankets, bibs, burp cloths, slings, hats, and custom ordered clothing (such as christening dresses). I have finally finished all the diapers for my own baby, so now I'm starting tomake some AIOs which I will be selling there also. I also make cloth nursing pads, cloth menstrual pads (of my own design), PUL purse pouches for cloth pads, and cloth pantiliners. I also sell copies of my pad pattern (3 sizes of pads--youth, regular, and overnight/postpartum). Right now I only have a couple of things in that store, but I have a whole bunch of pads cut out that I hope to get sewn and listed soon!
On a different vein, I have a nice selection here of Christmas stockings and tree skirts which I made a couple of years ago and would really like to sell! I keep dropping the prices in an effort to recoup something out of my investment... (it started as a family project and a bunch of us were going to do it together, but only i really did, and very few ever sold...)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not your Mother's Cloth Diapers!!!

Cloth diapering has come a very long way, from your Mother's day, or *her* mother's day, of huge, white squares of cotton, folded down and pinned, under pull-on plastic pants!
There are many varieties, today, that offer style, comfort, absorbency and the convenience of disposables, without adding to our ever-growing landfills.
Did you know, that it takes up to 25 YEARS for a disposable diaper to START decomposing? And that leaving the solid waste IN the diaper, when throwing it away, is a No-no?? Most diaper packages say right on the label, that you are to dump contents into the toilet, before disposing.
While the initial start up cost of cloth diapers may seem steep, it is actually thousands of dollars LESS than the average 3 years of disposables a child uses (not to mention the "pull up" years)AND, cloth diapers can be handed down, to the next sibling or sold, further stretching your investment!
Please feel free to leave questions here, in the comment section, or, for more info, check my ETSY shop ♥
Lots of great info can also be found at GreenBeanBoutique

Peace, Georganne

Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Cooler in the Shade!

Beneath the Rowan Tree is our little family venture. It grew out of the need to find clothing for my daughter (now 28 months) that was fun, bright, natural and non-commercial. Since we live in an area where our only options for children's items are Wal-Mart or a *very* upscale (read: $$$) boutique, I started dyeing and painting cotton clothing for her (Rowan) and the rest is history, as they say!

Our core product is still our hand dyed and hand painted clothing in sizes 6m - 6t, along with our playsilks. We have also branched out into other natural toys, including Square Roots (tm), wooden vehicles (natural or personalized and painted), upcycled wool finger puppets, crayons... Whatever catches our fancy. My husband Andy does the woodwork, I do the painting and dyeing. Rowan does the inspiring!

We are committed to supporting and encouraging families to nurture their child's imagination, wonder and creativity in these crucial early years.

Andy and I (Lori) both work full time, so we are always working on achieving balance between work/ home and art. We welcome customs as time and energy allow (including a wider range of sizes and adult wear) and really enjoy collaborating with other artists and crafters.

We have been on Etsy since May 2007. We also sell on Hyena Cart in our own shop and a couple of congos. All of our information, including the link to my blog, our gallery and product info can be found on our new website: http://beneaththerowantree.com

Thursday, January 17, 2008

3 Lil' Indians

Hi, I'm Paula a sahm/homeschooling mom to 3 great kids!
I want to say thanks for setting up this blog! Its great!
I started making soap and bath items because my kids and my husband have such sensitive skin. I always laugh because my dh is full Seneca (Iroquois), with that great always suntanned look to his skin. The kids all inherited the great color to their complexions also but, they are the ones with very sensitive skin. My pale pasty skin, can take more than theirs can! LOL
I got tired of looking for soap that my dd could use without burning. Also the constant search for something that would soothe my ds winter eczema without making it worse or if it did work, then worrying about the side effects from the drug. I figured there had to be a more natural way to deal with the problem. So I went searching and here I am! It worked great for my family so I thought maybe others would like it too!
Here is a Etsy mini from my store. Which really needs updated! My dh has been working on my website http://www.3lilindians.com/ and my etsy has gotten a little neglected lately. I'm trying to get it updated though!

Buy Handmade

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yummy Yarn on Etsy

I'm Kirsten, owner of Yummy Yarn. I live in Port Moody, BC (an arty suburb of Vancouver) with my husband and nearly-3 year old daughter. I am a longtime knitter who turned to spinning on a drop spindle, just to try it, and discovered that I loved it! I love being able to make exactly the kind of yarn that I want to knit with, in exactly the colours that give me joy. I'm also pleased to find that other people want that kind of yarn in those colours, too.

I work out of my house. I do the dyeing in my cramped galley-style kitchen; I dry the fiber on my back patio; I organize my shipping supplies out of my dining room; and I spin in a corner of my living room. It can be somewhat troublesome, having wool in various forms all around my house, but my husband claims he doesn't even notice it anymore, and my daughter things wool is an excellent toy (although she calls it a "rainbow" when it's in braided roving form, and a "duck" when it's spun and set into hanks).

The yarn business is my main work activity, along with a growing teaching schedule -- I teach knitting at the Port Moody Arts Center, and privately. It wouldn't be enough to pay the mortgage if I was on my own, but it's a reasonable supplement to the household budget. I'd make more teaching college, which is what I used to do, but I rather like the commute to this job. It takes me no time at all to get to my spinning wheel and dyepots, and only two blocks' walking to get to the Arts Center. Can't beat that.

In non-crafting time, I go to La Leche League meetings, visit the park and the library, traipse around Burrard Inlet, and generally follow the rhythm of life as it is dictated by a smart and self-possessed preschooler.

My Etsy business keeps me pretty busy, but I also sell my yarn and rovings at Three Bags Full, an awesome yarn shop in Vancouver, and at the Coquitlam Farmer's Market. I'll be at Fibrefest and Got Craft in March and May, respectively. I blog here.

Sunday, January 13, 2008



I'm Marianne. It has taken me a while but I have finally got sometime to sit down and update my Etsy stuff. I am the stay at home Mama to 2 girls who are 4 and 1 1/2. We live in BC, Canada in a lovely city with 4 seasons and lots of wooded areas.

My husband is a teacher and we are just getting back into the swing of things after his long (and wonderful) break.

I am hoping to have lots of new and exciting things to post to my shop soon. Including some bigger Waldorf inspired dolls, slings (I sell them in my other business so why am I not selling them on Etsy?), kid size slings, child size aprons, felt animals, free standing doll house families and some needle felted items. I am also trying to move into making more things from recycled materials.

Happy New Year,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creating color in the Southwest

Hello all, Kathy here! I am also known(hopefully) around Etsy as Desert Dyeworks. In my non-interweb life I am a mom to a krafty and kooky 6-year.

I have been adding color to fabric, mostly silk, for about 4 years. I got started after I saw the local Waldorf school selling play silks at a local street fair. I thought to myself, "I can do that." I did and then couldn't stop. When people ask me questions about dyeing and how to get started I always warn them to be careful because it becomes an obsession.

I have been on Etsy for almost 2 years. Besides people buying things from me, my favorite thing on Etsy is browsing the "Recently Listed Items" and seeing all the creative things people make.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Intro- Cara/Green Bean Boutique

Hi, I'm Cara. My hubby, 15 month old daughter, and I live in Montana kind of out in the sticks. We like 'natural family living' and are a breastfeeding, home birthing, babywearing, child loving family.

Green Bean Boutique was started after my daughter had all too many dolls and quilts, but I wanted to keep sewing so I decided to share. We also sell all-in-one cloth diapers that are subtle and plain, because we tend to not like 'flashy' and just wanted a basic cotton diaper that is easy to get on and off. We sell Waldorf Dolls for Infants, and hope to start selling dolls for toddlers here soon as well.

I also have another store, Mama Cloth, that I started after I had decided to design a cloth pad that didn't leak or wick and was trim so it didn't influence the kind of pants I wore during my cycle ;)

I have a poor neglected blog that I used to post at frequently, but haven't had time for that lately.

I'm a dreamer, always have more ideas than actually get accomplished. But I'm excited to share what I do, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This is so exciting:)

Thank you for doing this~
I am Heather aka Enchanted Make Believe, mom of 3 beautiful and uniquely different daughters, and love creating fun and fabulous items for kids to have hours of fun. We are a homeschooling/child led learning family and play is a big part of our day. I hope you enjoy your visit with us and keep checking back as this adventure is ever evolving.
Blessings to you ~~

Buy Handmade

It's a New Year and a New Street Team!!

Thank you, Claire, for pulling this all together! I'm so excited to begin!! My name is Georganne, I am married and have 6 children (Yep, they're all mine, and nope, no twins, lol) I am known as "georgannemomof6" on Motheringdotcommune and my Etsy shop is just plain old "Georganne" I can also be found in a Congo on Hyena Cart, but that's a whole 'nother ball of wax, he he he!
I specialize in making slings, wraps, cloth diapers/covers, blankies, Honey Buns™ All Natural Diaper Salve, and All Natural Laundry Soap..with a few surprises along the way!! Right now, I'm working on a brand-new diaper design, set to debut soon!! So keep your eyes peeled, and spread the word, MDC Mama's on Etsy....WOOHOOOO!!

Here's an "Etsy Mini", from my shop, just click on any item, and be transported to my store! Thanks for looking!!!

Traditional German feather tree

Traditional German feather tree - made by hand

Warm mittens for a cold winter!

Trades considered!