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Monday, January 28, 2008

Something for Moms, Babes and Children

Hi all,
I'm Angeline, a Canadian Mama of 3 wonderful children. Apart from being a mostly stay at home Mom, I'm also a student (which explains my etsy store name because all proceeds help fund my education). I've always loved making crafts, it allows me to fulfill the creative side of me. I also love natural products and try my best to reduce the amount of garbage our household produces.

I love Waldorf style dolls for their simplicity, timelessness, natural fibres and plain old cuteness! I try use the best materials I can find. I sew the dolls and their clothes in a corner of our family room, amidst a sea of toys and laughing children. I'm pretty sure the dolls I make absorb some of this happy karma! I am in awe of the fact that despite the distinct Waldorf doll style, every doll is different and varies from Mama to Mama.

I also sew cotton pantiliners. As an alternative to disposable liners, these are soft, washable, breathable and even more comfy. They close with a polyresin snap (no more hairs stuck in the adhesive!) I make them out of 3 layers of flannel in white, black and various prints.

I used to hand print T-shirts and diaper shirts. My sister and I used to sell our wares at summer festivals around Ontario. Although, I don't do it so often anymore, I have some stock left and so up it goes on etsy! The diaper shirts are Made in the USA American Apparel.

I am honoured to be a part of such wonderfully creative and inspiring Mamas.

You can visit my shop at: