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Thursday, January 17, 2008

3 Lil' Indians

Hi, I'm Paula a sahm/homeschooling mom to 3 great kids!
I want to say thanks for setting up this blog! Its great!
I started making soap and bath items because my kids and my husband have such sensitive skin. I always laugh because my dh is full Seneca (Iroquois), with that great always suntanned look to his skin. The kids all inherited the great color to their complexions also but, they are the ones with very sensitive skin. My pale pasty skin, can take more than theirs can! LOL
I got tired of looking for soap that my dd could use without burning. Also the constant search for something that would soothe my ds winter eczema without making it worse or if it did work, then worrying about the side effects from the drug. I figured there had to be a more natural way to deal with the problem. So I went searching and here I am! It worked great for my family so I thought maybe others would like it too!
Here is a Etsy mini from my store. Which really needs updated! My dh has been working on my website http://www.3lilindians.com/ and my etsy has gotten a little neglected lately. I'm trying to get it updated though!

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