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Friday, January 25, 2008

Good Clean Fun

Hi all, I'm Sher, my shop is Savonara Handmade Soap. I made my first batch of soap back in '96 when grocery stores still had a tallow bin and would give you a beautiful creamy white chunk of good tallow for free. I stirred my first batch by hand and poured into a shoebox... when I turned out a 12lb chunk of smooth white soap, that was it - the soaping bug had taken hold.

Although I have dabbled in other hobbies along the way, nothing has nourished my creative instinct like making soap. I've branched out into making a variety of types of soap; based on two of my own recipes: one for a vegan soap and one for a mild tallow soap. I also utilize the versatility of melt & pour soap occasionally for embellishments and effects. I hope you enjoy seeing and using my bars. And don't say they are too pretty to use - use 'em up, I'm making more! :)

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