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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yummy Yarn on Etsy

I'm Kirsten, owner of Yummy Yarn. I live in Port Moody, BC (an arty suburb of Vancouver) with my husband and nearly-3 year old daughter. I am a longtime knitter who turned to spinning on a drop spindle, just to try it, and discovered that I loved it! I love being able to make exactly the kind of yarn that I want to knit with, in exactly the colours that give me joy. I'm also pleased to find that other people want that kind of yarn in those colours, too.

I work out of my house. I do the dyeing in my cramped galley-style kitchen; I dry the fiber on my back patio; I organize my shipping supplies out of my dining room; and I spin in a corner of my living room. It can be somewhat troublesome, having wool in various forms all around my house, but my husband claims he doesn't even notice it anymore, and my daughter things wool is an excellent toy (although she calls it a "rainbow" when it's in braided roving form, and a "duck" when it's spun and set into hanks).

The yarn business is my main work activity, along with a growing teaching schedule -- I teach knitting at the Port Moody Arts Center, and privately. It wouldn't be enough to pay the mortgage if I was on my own, but it's a reasonable supplement to the household budget. I'd make more teaching college, which is what I used to do, but I rather like the commute to this job. It takes me no time at all to get to my spinning wheel and dyepots, and only two blocks' walking to get to the Arts Center. Can't beat that.

In non-crafting time, I go to La Leche League meetings, visit the park and the library, traipse around Burrard Inlet, and generally follow the rhythm of life as it is dictated by a smart and self-possessed preschooler.

My Etsy business keeps me pretty busy, but I also sell my yarn and rovings at Three Bags Full, an awesome yarn shop in Vancouver, and at the Coquitlam Farmer's Market. I'll be at Fibrefest and Got Craft in March and May, respectively. I blog here.