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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knitsteel is a Featured Artist!

I'm going to be the guest artist at VIVA in Viroqua, Wisconsin in May. Join me at the reception this Thursday.

VIVA featured artist ad

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Little Contest!

Visit my blog and enter your suggestion for a name for my new product (and a chance to win a handmade felt whimsy!), coming soon to Beneath the Rowan Tree on Etsy!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buy one, get one free at VintageSupplyDepot

Vintage patterns, yarn, craft supplies, more! Buy one, get a lower cost or same price item FREE! Many items as are free shipping! Only for items under $70 please.


I also will consider trades for Lego, Playmobil, Knex, Brio or wooden Thomas the Tank Engine. :-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day Sales--Save on Eco-Friendly Items!

Many team members are running specials in honor of Earth Day!
Items on sale include soaps, recycled paper goods, cloth dinner napkins, cloth diapers, "mama cloth" (menstrual products), eco-friendly children's toys, cloth shopping bags, and more!

Save the Earth and Save 5% for one day only!
(several shops have longer-running specials or additional savings, see individual shop announcements for details)

Participating shops:
The Knitting Gnome
Elemental Handcrafts
Lil Bees
Sterling Silver Books

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mother's Day Mamas

A special way to commemorate a pregnancy or breastfeeding relationship. Each of my one-of-a-kind unique needle felted dolls is made with love and mama energy. Made with humane wool that comes from a friend's sheepy family member, the animals are treated with love and kindness and will never be bred or eaten! Each sculpture hangs on an invisible filament thread and looks beautiful in a window or over a special nursing chair. Perfect gifts for yourself! Or your midwife, doula, your own mom... I will be adding more as time, (and children) allows!
Stephanie aka ilikethedesert aka Elemental Handcrafts!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

for the birthday boy or girl . . .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new summer carriers

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Berry Bowl

But please don't put your berries in it~ it already has some. Perfect for your little trinkets, or a nature table, though! 100% wool, needle felted, embellished with a rowan branch and berries.Beneath the Rowan Tree

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shopping Solutions

Many states are starting to charge a $.15 tax on plastic and paper bags. i think this rocks from an environmental perspective. Now people will finally have the incentive they need to bring their own bags. I say why wait until you are forced though. I know reusable bags can be expensive though. So I offer you this:

Simple and inexpensive! Funky and fun! Each four pack includes various colors and sizes.

Holds a ton of stuff. you are only limited by your ability to carry it. Bottom seam is double sewn for added strength.

I was able to fit a gallon of milk, a half gallon of juice, 2 - 20 oz water bottles, a large box of cereal, a large bag of pretzels and 3 cans of soup (I could have fit more but thats all that was in my pantry. sad.)

T-shirt colors and prints vary by availability. There will never be any profanity or questionable graphics. If you have a preference between the ones in the first or second picture just let me know or if you want a specific color let me know. There may be an small additional charge for specific colors depending on t-shirt availability at the second hand store where I get my shirts. convo me for details.

these are currently being sold for $8 for a 4 pack of bags. You can't go wrong.

And my favorite product ever . . . .

This is one amazing bag!!!

Knitted from 100% cotton yarn it is super sturdy, washes easily and dries fast. It packs small but can stretch to amazing proportions.

How much can it carry?

* groceries - I fit 2 quarts of milk, 2 quarts of juice, liter of water and a 20 ounce bottle of pop, a box of mashed potatoes, a jar of peanut butter and 4 cans of soup.
* at the pool- 2 towels, snacks and drinks, pool toys and two swimsuits.
* hang it on a hook for a creative laundry hamper in your child's room. the mesh design provides for lots of air flow to keep the clothes from stinking.
* overdue library books - about 20!

How big is it?

this one is about 15"x9" unstretched. Stretched? that just depends. This is in a beautiful soothing color that reminds me of a Minnesota lake, blues and greens and lavenders weave in and out of one another like ripples in the water. Short handles for easy carrying.

I also have a very sweet one in light pink, dark pink and white with short handles and one in summer brights (like a box of Runts candy . . . ) and long over the shoulder handles.

Like the bag but want a specific color? Let me know. I can make it in about a week. Some yarns require an additional charge.

These are currently being sold for $16.50. If you want to buy yarn somewhere else i can knit it into a bag for $10. i recommend yarn from www.soulfulhues.etsy.com regardless of where you get it I need 200 yards of yarn (give or take) in worsted (give or take) weight. Cotton is preferable but i suppose anything will work.

see my shop at www.pbandj.etsy.com for more details.

Twisted Puppy

How can you and your Twisted Puppy help homeless dogs find new homes? You can buy your special pet a very special toy. Easy enough!! How does it work?

First we have adopted ourselves a fine little puppy named Lucy. We got her at the Humane Society and cannot say enough good things about our far above average in every way animal shelter. Nor can we do enough to help.

So here is what we are starting with . . . Twisted Puppy dog toys. The fetching, herding (my dog herds her toys. its pretty funny. but she is a collie. its what she does), tugging, chewing, hide and seek, all purpose toy.

This is a very special dog toy. want to know why?

Because we recently got a puppy from the humane society. Our humane society seems to be above average in every way. we not only fell in love with the dogs but with the staff and were eager to become volunteers. unfortunately I am the only person old enough. But that is not enough to stop me!

For my 7 year olds birthday party she decided she wanted to have a dog themed party at the humane society. we compromised and will have it at our house and the kids will be making dog and cat toys, dog treats, and kennel blankets for the dogs and cats.

So we had to come up with a dog toy for them to make. . .

It was hard to concentrate though because my puppy Lucy kept chewing on everything and tugging on everything. Then out of nowhere inspiration struck. I had an idea for the perfect toy that a dog would love and kids could make. Then we realized PetSmart already had this design on the market. Oh well, at least we know it was a good idea. and ours is way cheaper.

made from 100% recycled materials this is a dog tested, kid tested, earth friendly, made by my kids (little girls ages 11, 7 and 5) perfect dog toy.


it gets better. for every toy sold we will donate $3 cash, a matching toy and a bag of treats to the humane society in your name.

Want one for free! Send us 300 pounds worth of Purina weight circles (proof of purchase) from the bottom of your Purina dog food bags plus $2 for shipping and we will pass them on to the humane society. our humane society redeems these for everything from food to office supplies.

I have an unlimited supply of these and colors and size vary. Let me know if you want one with pink or want to avoid pink (remember these were made by a bunch of little girls, there is a lot of pink but we did make some without) and let me know what size dog you have so i can try to find the perfect one.

These are currently being sold in my shop for $7.50. and before you balk at the price remember the proceeds go to a good cause.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Nature Jewelry for Earth Mamas

I've got some nice big copper oak leaves that I've been making into talisman-like pendants.  The leaves are my design, well nature's design, about 4 inches long from the top of the stem loop to the bottom of the leaf.  You may click on each picture for more details.
Copper Oak Leaf Pendant #2  Copper Oak Leaf Pendant #1 close-up

I had to have one of the oak leaf pendants for myself.  I like large bold pendants on long 24 inch endless chains that slip easily over my head with no clasps.
This one's mine!
I am finally starting to own a nice selection of my own jewelry!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Now until Earth Day, everything 10% off

Sterling Silver Books is please to discount EVERYTHING in the store, until April 22nd. Please mention 10% off in the comments, I will apply the discount to your invoice.

Vintage Supply Depot - vintage patterns listed!

Spring is here, and time for sewing! Some interesting fashions from the 1950s (and a little later). Vogue, Butterick, McCalls, and more!

Everything FREE Shipping and Handling in the USA!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Post By Me

I just really HAD to show yall this. I feel like I'm not getting enough feedback on it and wanted to know what you wonderful ladies think! I'm a NAVY Brat and made this piece for a challenge for my Military Brats Team. I have more pictures and a description of it in my shop http://torimade.etsy.com/ and a couple other pictures that are not in my shop are in my personal blog at http://gollihughfamily.blogspot.com/ PLEASE leave comments in my blog, if you check it out and have any... or HERE, for that matter - even if you just look at this picture. :)

Also, perhaps we could do challenges, too? That would be WAY fun, I think. Not that there need be any prizes, just the opportunity to have a subject around which to create, ya know? :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Save the world and save money too!

Earth Day is coming on April 22, and the MDC Moms are going to do something about it!
Save the World and Save 5% this year on Earth Day, from participating stores!
Be watching for information about our one-day-only Earth Day Sale on all eco-friendly items, including (but not limited to):
  • cloth diapers
  • cloth menstrual pads
  • organic soaps
  • items made from recycled materials
  • items made from organic materials

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birch Bark Handmade Soap

Peppermint Poppyseed Chocolate Peppermint Simple Simon
Birch Bark Handmade Soap is made using the highest quality ingredients available, including rich cocoa butter, smooth olive oil, and nourishing coconut oil. Ingredients such as brewed herbal teas, natural clays, real cream, and local honey make these soaps distinctive.

In my shop, you will find no animal fats, preservatives, synthetic colourings, parabens, pthalates, or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. I make both hot and cold process soaps in my Canadian kitchen, and am happy to accommodate special requests.

Pictured above are my Chocolate Peppermint soap, which is made with cocoa butter and peppermint essential oil which give it a light peppermint patty scent. You can read a review of it here. Also pictured is my Simple Simon bar, which is what I like to use on my baby. It's unscented, uncoloured, made with moisturizing oils and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Please pop on over to my Etsy shop and have a peek at these and many other soaps, including Peppermint Poppyseed, pictured above, and Tomato Complexion soaps! Happy lathering!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Perfect Blanket

Last year when I had my baby, I discovered that not all blankets are created equal! Some are to small, some are awkward shapes, and some are too bulky. I discovered that my favorite two blankets were simple soft flannel, 45in (111cm) square, and with no stuffing or batting--just the two layers of flannel. Not only was it easy to swaddle my newborn, but as he's grown into toddlerhood, it's still large enough to cover him for naps or nursing. Gently turned and decoratively topstitched, it's warm and soft, but not too heavy. It fits in a diaper bag or suitcase, but still stays on my shoulder if I throw it there...truly, this is the perfect blanket!
Here are a few of my current offerings
(click the photo to see LilBees full selection of blankets!)
LilBees large, soft, colorful blankets-44in 111cm square

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amy Butler designer fabrics make this Diaper bag tote a gorgeous accessory while out and about with baby! Look great while having all Baby's necessities in one convenient place! This tote includes and generous sized, water proof changing pad, a waterproof "wet bag" for transporting dirty/wet diapers, huge inside pockets (with elastic) and an outside cargo pocket. I've also added a reinforeced loop and coordinating "link" for attaching binkies, lovies, or keys! Can be hanging on outside OR inside of bag!
Come see what else is new at Georganne's !