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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twisted Puppy

How can you and your Twisted Puppy help homeless dogs find new homes? You can buy your special pet a very special toy. Easy enough!! How does it work?

First we have adopted ourselves a fine little puppy named Lucy. We got her at the Humane Society and cannot say enough good things about our far above average in every way animal shelter. Nor can we do enough to help.

So here is what we are starting with . . . Twisted Puppy dog toys. The fetching, herding (my dog herds her toys. its pretty funny. but she is a collie. its what she does), tugging, chewing, hide and seek, all purpose toy.

This is a very special dog toy. want to know why?

Because we recently got a puppy from the humane society. Our humane society seems to be above average in every way. we not only fell in love with the dogs but with the staff and were eager to become volunteers. unfortunately I am the only person old enough. But that is not enough to stop me!

For my 7 year olds birthday party she decided she wanted to have a dog themed party at the humane society. we compromised and will have it at our house and the kids will be making dog and cat toys, dog treats, and kennel blankets for the dogs and cats.

So we had to come up with a dog toy for them to make. . .

It was hard to concentrate though because my puppy Lucy kept chewing on everything and tugging on everything. Then out of nowhere inspiration struck. I had an idea for the perfect toy that a dog would love and kids could make. Then we realized PetSmart already had this design on the market. Oh well, at least we know it was a good idea. and ours is way cheaper.

made from 100% recycled materials this is a dog tested, kid tested, earth friendly, made by my kids (little girls ages 11, 7 and 5) perfect dog toy.


it gets better. for every toy sold we will donate $3 cash, a matching toy and a bag of treats to the humane society in your name.

Want one for free! Send us 300 pounds worth of Purina weight circles (proof of purchase) from the bottom of your Purina dog food bags plus $2 for shipping and we will pass them on to the humane society. our humane society redeems these for everything from food to office supplies.

I have an unlimited supply of these and colors and size vary. Let me know if you want one with pink or want to avoid pink (remember these were made by a bunch of little girls, there is a lot of pink but we did make some without) and let me know what size dog you have so i can try to find the perfect one.

These are currently being sold in my shop for $7.50. and before you balk at the price remember the proceeds go to a good cause.

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