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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shopping Solutions

Many states are starting to charge a $.15 tax on plastic and paper bags. i think this rocks from an environmental perspective. Now people will finally have the incentive they need to bring their own bags. I say why wait until you are forced though. I know reusable bags can be expensive though. So I offer you this:

Simple and inexpensive! Funky and fun! Each four pack includes various colors and sizes.

Holds a ton of stuff. you are only limited by your ability to carry it. Bottom seam is double sewn for added strength.

I was able to fit a gallon of milk, a half gallon of juice, 2 - 20 oz water bottles, a large box of cereal, a large bag of pretzels and 3 cans of soup (I could have fit more but thats all that was in my pantry. sad.)

T-shirt colors and prints vary by availability. There will never be any profanity or questionable graphics. If you have a preference between the ones in the first or second picture just let me know or if you want a specific color let me know. There may be an small additional charge for specific colors depending on t-shirt availability at the second hand store where I get my shirts. convo me for details.

these are currently being sold for $8 for a 4 pack of bags. You can't go wrong.

And my favorite product ever . . . .

This is one amazing bag!!!

Knitted from 100% cotton yarn it is super sturdy, washes easily and dries fast. It packs small but can stretch to amazing proportions.

How much can it carry?

* groceries - I fit 2 quarts of milk, 2 quarts of juice, liter of water and a 20 ounce bottle of pop, a box of mashed potatoes, a jar of peanut butter and 4 cans of soup.
* at the pool- 2 towels, snacks and drinks, pool toys and two swimsuits.
* hang it on a hook for a creative laundry hamper in your child's room. the mesh design provides for lots of air flow to keep the clothes from stinking.
* overdue library books - about 20!

How big is it?

this one is about 15"x9" unstretched. Stretched? that just depends. This is in a beautiful soothing color that reminds me of a Minnesota lake, blues and greens and lavenders weave in and out of one another like ripples in the water. Short handles for easy carrying.

I also have a very sweet one in light pink, dark pink and white with short handles and one in summer brights (like a box of Runts candy . . . ) and long over the shoulder handles.

Like the bag but want a specific color? Let me know. I can make it in about a week. Some yarns require an additional charge.

These are currently being sold for $16.50. If you want to buy yarn somewhere else i can knit it into a bag for $10. i recommend yarn from www.soulfulhues.etsy.com regardless of where you get it I need 200 yards of yarn (give or take) in worsted (give or take) weight. Cotton is preferable but i suppose anything will work.

see my shop at www.pbandj.etsy.com for more details.

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Brightonwoman said...

I LOVE the t-shirt bags! What a way to save the world--twice over! Brilliant idea!