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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lil Bees / Brightonwoman

Hi, I'm Jenni Brighton aka Momma Bee to a bunch of little Bees (yeah, I know, corney to make a pun off my last initial, right? But it was my last initial of my maiden name as well, and my nickname in my teens was Jennibee...one thing led to another...)
I'm sorry I don't have much in the way of pictures at the moment...I'm working on building some more stock right now! My baby was born a year ago, then just as life was calming down we moved 2000 miles to rural Alaska, and I am still catching up with life, LOL!
At LilBees I offer a variety of baby items--snuggly blankets, bibs, burp cloths, slings, hats, and custom ordered clothing (such as christening dresses). I have finally finished all the diapers for my own baby, so now I'm starting tomake some AIOs which I will be selling there also. I also make cloth nursing pads, cloth menstrual pads (of my own design), PUL purse pouches for cloth pads, and cloth pantiliners. I also sell copies of my pad pattern (3 sizes of pads--youth, regular, and overnight/postpartum). Right now I only have a couple of things in that store, but I have a whole bunch of pads cut out that I hope to get sewn and listed soon!
On a different vein, I have a nice selection here of Christmas stockings and tree skirts which I made a couple of years ago and would really like to sell! I keep dropping the prices in an effort to recoup something out of my investment... (it started as a family project and a bunch of us were going to do it together, but only i really did, and very few ever sold...)

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