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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not your Mother's Cloth Diapers!!!

Cloth diapering has come a very long way, from your Mother's day, or *her* mother's day, of huge, white squares of cotton, folded down and pinned, under pull-on plastic pants!
There are many varieties, today, that offer style, comfort, absorbency and the convenience of disposables, without adding to our ever-growing landfills.
Did you know, that it takes up to 25 YEARS for a disposable diaper to START decomposing? And that leaving the solid waste IN the diaper, when throwing it away, is a No-no?? Most diaper packages say right on the label, that you are to dump contents into the toilet, before disposing.
While the initial start up cost of cloth diapers may seem steep, it is actually thousands of dollars LESS than the average 3 years of disposables a child uses (not to mention the "pull up" years)AND, cloth diapers can be handed down, to the next sibling or sold, further stretching your investment!
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Lots of great info can also be found at GreenBeanBoutique

Peace, Georganne


Cara said...

♥ thanks G!

Georganne said...

You're welcome!! Now, where's your fabulous Cloth diapering tutorial???

Lori said...

And where are your con-folds?!
We want pics!

Anonymous said...

your diapers and covers look awesome! I love cloth diapering!