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Friday, February 1, 2008

Name this soap!

I have two new soaps on the curing rack for your viewing pleasure - it will be four weeks before they are ready to list at my etsy shop. There's only one problem. One of them has me stumped for a name. So take a look, and if you think you have the perfect name for this soap, post it in a comment. It needs a name that fits like a glove but is unique too. If I pick your selection, I'll send you the end cut from this batch. That's a bar a little slimmer than the regular size bars, plenty to enjoy for weeks.

Here are the two new soaps: first, Lemongrass and second, the no-name soap. Good luck!


Lori said...

Very cool!
New Moon
Wax and Wane
Midnight Marble (looks like marble)
Moonlight madness

LOL I love contests!

brightonwoman said...

I keep thinking of moon names too (I blame this on just having read the Twilight books, LOL!)
Pale Moon
Predawn Light
New Beginnings
Soul of Night
Moonlit Snow (I live in AK, and I swear that's exactly what it looks like!)
What does it smell like? That might help with names...

Lori said...


Still thinking LOL

Sher said...

Some creative ideas here, keep 'em coming! The soap is a "fresh linen" scent, really energizing and clean - a strong scent.

The snow reference hits a chord, hmm...

Tomtemama said...

How could you not think of moons when you look at that soap!!

I would like to contribute:
Blue Moon
Full Moon

Lilyka said...

Summer clouds
Wide open sky

ginger said...

Beautiful soap, mama!

Etsy Blabbler said...

Hello, I seen you in the Etsy forums :) My name on there is DesignsByTracey. Very pretty soap how about calling it:
Oceanic Coliide?

~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

Ok, it's time for me to get this soap listed and I have decided that it will be named.... Moonlit Snow!! I love all your suggestions and it was so hard to choose, but the image of Alaskan snow under a full moon stuck in my mind. The winner will be notified, thanks everyone for participating. :)