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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Forget that Icky Plastic Grass!

For your Easter Baskets... think silk!
Available in solids or custom multi-colours at BTRT (some images below).
And also in lovely pastels and combinations from Cara at Green Bean Boutique, including an Etsy Easter Basket Set!
And I know Desert Dyeworks has incredible mandalas, canopies and capes!
I am sure there are others, too!


Tomtemama said...

I LOVE the idea of lining a basket with a silk instead of something synthetic!

Brightonwoman said...

Can somebody post about what to do with playsilks?
I keep hearing about them as a wonderful imagination-promoting plaything, but beyond little girlie dress-up/fairy play, I don't know what one would do with them! I have an all-boy son age 7--what's he going to do with a playsilk?

Tomtemama said...

Oh my!! PLaysilks have a never ending use. They can be anything that is needed. Ours are sometimes: leashes, water, fire, food, doors for play forts, hiding paces, hats the list goes on. I found that playsilks fit the bill anytime dd "needed" something for imaginative play but couldn't figure out what to use.

Playsilks rock!!

Lori said...


From January ;)