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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The cutest longies ever!

I have finished two adorable pairs of longies.One in size large another one in size small. Check them out, I am so proud! I especially like the Halloween one.

I have also posted some other accessories: fingerless gloves in women and toddler size and a toddler hat that would go very well with the spider longies.

Last time I posted on this blog I was also hoping to get my cloth diapers out there by the end of the summer, but it just did not happen. I have to say that I still need time to tweak my product, hopefully, I'll manage to have time to get this project going in some near future.


Elemental Handcrafts said...

Those spider longies are fabulous! The watermelon longies make me crave summer watermelons. Great work!

Petit Mouton on Etsy said...

I have made another melon (shorties) for my daughter earlier this summer. She loves them.
It is actually the top picture on my blog.

LittlePeanutShop said...

Those are soooo cute!!! :D

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness, those spider longies are to die for! So adorable!

gunter fam said...