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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Having a Ball!

I have *really* wanted to try felting. I just love the look, texture, colors of the wool. I ordered a couple of kits on Etsy, but got too impatient and grabbed some roving in the city last week. Used to dyeing silk, the dyeing wasn't as much of an issue as my fear of felting my roving before I felted it on purpose!

Given that wet felting has caused me a ridiculous amount of pain with my carpal tunnel syndrome, I don't have high hopes for needle felting. But I can do balls!

In fact I came home today and my husband had made some (for me to felt, of course!).
So I have listed a custom pair of felted balls (recycled core, new roving, 100% wool) ~ buyer chooses their colours!


knitsteel said...

I don't have carpal tunnel, but I hate the wet part of wet felting. So I get everything needled (not too tight) together, then toss it in a lingerie bag, and wash it all on hot water in my front loader machine. Amazingly enough, it all felts up just fine, even in a front loader. You might be able to combine techniques enough to avoid aggravating the cts.

Lego Nut! said...

We have a newer top loader washer - and agitator-less system that tangles clothing. Turns out it is GREAT for machine felting of wool. I got close to 50% linear shrinkage on one project. Not what I had hoped for, but I was amazed!

Nylon stocking have a use, after all.