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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rocket Diaper by GreenBeanBoutique

I just wanted to share this rocket dipe that I made this weekend. It comes with two flannel/organic bamboo velour wipes too. It's a size small, 8-15 lbs. This is my favorite size of AIOs, because it usually fits a newborn and all through the early months when they mess their dipe every 5 minutes ;) So changing is easy! A quick sunning will take out any yellow breastmilk poop stains like magic! If I ever get a newborn again (grin) I'll have to show you the magic of just a couple hours laying in the sun. Here it is! Available at GreenBeanBoutique. Custom orders are welcome, in these colors.


Brightonwoman said...

That is SOO CUTE!!
I only do microfleece inners, so no patterns for me...but dang, that is cute!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest, teeniest diaper ever!