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Monday, March 10, 2008

My first blog post EVER!

This is the first time I've ever posted on a blog, so be kind to me! I'm thrilled to be part of this one and to be associated with the other talented MDC and Etsy mamas! be right back, baby woke up! Okay, NAK.
So here in New England it's still cold outside, but not too cold to don a snowsuit and enjoy the late winter sun. To bring a little of the outdoors inside, I've created a few things!
Firstly are my:

Personalized Childrens Natural Wooden Branch Necklaces

Strung on satin cording, these make fun natural jewelry and name tags.

Second are my:

Wooden Wee Folk Furniture- Table and 4 chairs

made just for wee-folk and fairies...
Thirdly are my:

Elemental Handcrafts Natural Story-Telling Kit

All you need for quiet play and car rides. Lots of goodies to get those creative juices flowing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the little table and chairs are soooo sweet!