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Friday, March 21, 2008

Introducing Torimade

This is such a wonderful idea. Tori of http://torimade.etsy.com/ here and I'm super excited to be a part of this wonderful group!

Originally, I started working clay for a class in my college art school. Back then it was the dirt kind. Since that experience, which was really enjoyable, but quite expensive, I hadn't really done much sculpting. That is, until my husband and I made some Christmas ornaments from Sculpy Polymer Clay a few years ago. Another couple of Christmases later and people started telling me I should sell the things I made as gifts. So, I decided to look into the process of opening and maintaining an online business and found ETSY, thanks to MDC Mamas in the WAHM section! And, here I am. I've been quite obsessed with the whole thing for the last two weeks.
Angels tend to be a big focus for me because I see people around me as my angels. Friends, the person who holds the door for me and my two girls, the Uncle who gives me his van, anyone and everyone can be an angel. The shell angels are new, but I love to make them as well. I'll be adding shadow boxes of them before too long. Here are a few of my angels.

I have a variety of heart-themed pieces, a "doll" (there will be more dolls soon), shadow boxes in the near future, and I have some breastfeeding/babywearing figures just waiting to jump into some clay! I'm so excited to join you ladies. Come visit me at http://torimade.etsy.com/. I'm slowly making my way through the vast and awesome list of MDC ETSIANS. We have some fabulous artist here!