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Sunday, March 9, 2008

If you've got Cabin Fever...

For many of us, it has been a long, snowy winter. What to do when it's too cold outside? Play of course! I've got some new puppets for the children to put on shows and befriend.These are princess and prince Waldorf inspired puppets. What fairy tales could be told with their swashing capes and adorable dress? Or how about doing a dino dance? Or playing sheepishly? There's no telling how much you'll laugh and how much memory space you'll take up watching their shows!

I also have mini 12 inch Waldorf inspired dolls. The bodies are made of warm, easy to clean, made from recycled pop bottles fleece. Some have a removable jumper so that his/her friend can dress and undress for additional fun. Stay tuned for more animals coming up...and if you need an animal that I don't have, let me know! I love making new puppets! www.tuition.etsy.com

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Elemental Handcrafts said...

LOVE your Etsy store name! Ingenious!!!!!!!!!!!