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Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring is on the way . . . .

It has been a long hard winter and I haven't had much time to devote to my etsy shop. BUT! spring is on the way and I am working non-stop to get my shop stocked with tons of fun new stuff.

Right now there are about a zillion doll diapers in two sizes to fit every baby. I have a bunch I haven't listed so if you want a different combination just convo me.

I also have about 20 quilts in the works (what? finish one things at a time . . . .are you kidding me? ). They should start appearing on my site in about a week. My quilts are patterned simply, hand quilted, and as much as possible use recycled or new scrap materials and those savings are passed on to you!!

Also new in my shop is the Ultimate Nursing Shawl. While a mom should never be embarrassed to nurse in public for any reason sometimes a little sheltering is desirable (an extra degree of modesty, distracted babies, pervy men, freezing cold and honestly while I did not care if anyone saw my boobs I did not want to reveal the belly roll. whatever your reasons . . .) the designs are simple enough so that the shawl fold compactly and can double up as a blanket, play area or a nice clean place to change a diaper. and best of all it doesn't scream "baby nursing under here".

and I am knitting . . . . always knitting knitting knitting.

And currently I am having a sale on tons of my old stock. Lots of things have been reduced to just $5 and when you buy three things at $5 you get the 4th sale item free or $5 of anything else in the shop. So go crazy!!

I am also launching a new blog called PBandJs where you can get access to special sales, see works in progress, pre- order and find good deals on second quality stuff that is still cool but maybe didn't work out exactly as I planned. No pictures yet but give me a few days . . . . :-)

you can visit my etxy shop at www.pbandj.etsy.com !